With every visit and operation, it is remarkable how attentive, informative and sincere Dr East discusses detail of proposed actions and treatments whilst putting my interests first and ensuring that I fully understand and appreciate the impact and detail of the proposed procedure(s). Moreover, he has explained, with great detail, exactly what each operation entailed in good time after surgeries.

In addition, I also want to thank his assitant, Sr Elize Albers and my hand therapist, Magdi Kruger for their great service. In general, my family and I have always had a pleasant experience at Kloof Mediclinic and I would like to applaud their whole team.

Again, thank you!


Douw Breed
Managing Director: Barnard INC. Attorneys

Hi Ilonka

 Hoop dit gaan goed.


 Duisende dankies vir jou en Elize. Julle is een AMAZING praktyk met n fantastiese Spesialis! Dr East is uitstekend. Julle maak die kuiers in die spreekkamer so lekker dat n mens net nie wil loop nie.


 Weereens, baie baie dankie. #Puik #Uitstekend #BesteOrtho


 Geniet die res van die week




 Maurice-Johan Pieterse



 Net noem dat Baba Mieke geslapies het na ons dokter gesien het en toe sy by die huis wakker word toe is sy weer haar ou self. Haar armpie is weer reg en sy kruip weer vir die 1ste span!

 Dankie vir julle flink en vriendelikke diens en laat die dokter weet hy is n STER!

 Vriendelikke groete



With the help and assistance of Dr East and his team that took care of me after my accident on 25 April 2015, I have recovered and I can continue to enjoy my life once again! After a recovery period of almost two and a half years that Dr East assisted me, my right lower leg is functional and whole again. If it was not for the expertise and knowledge of Dr East, chances are very good that I would have lost my right foot after the accident.

If you are considering using Dr East as your orthopaedic surgeon you are not making a mistake at all. I know he will always take your best interest at heart when making medical decisions.
As I walked with an external ring fixator for more than 18 months around my right lower leg, Dr East was always there for me when I needed his help. It was a very long walk together but the end result is fantastic. What did Dr East give back to me? Once again I can enjoy life together with my family. What did Dr East give back to my family? A father.

So, I can truly recommend Dr East. You will be in very good and capable hands!!

Kind regards

Stephan Bosman

To whom it may concern

I met Dr Shaun East in the emergency ward of the Kloof hospital, at the time I was in a tremendous amount of pain. I had fallen off my Mountain Bike in a silly accident and done some severe damage to my shoulder. The Doctor on duty, at the time, quickly established that my problems were severe and that a specialist was required.

Dr East arrived and immediately ordered a whole bunch of scans that showed my Collarbone and Shoulder blade we both properly broken, in addition the break was really close to the socket which caused additional complications. Dr East has a great nature and made me feel completely comfortable that he was able to complete the operation successfully. After 5 hours in theatre I emerged with 2 sets of Titanium plates that held everything together while it all healed. Dr East explained that it was an extremely complex procedure that involved completing 2 different operations. The first fixed my Collarbone, then they would cleanup and close and flip me over to work on the “Back” side of my shoulder. This was the more complicated procedure that required a specially ordered/fabricated plate. All this was achieved on a Sunday as I had fallen early Saturday morning.

I have since had the plate (that was attached to my collarbone) removed and once again it was a great experience. Dr East made me feel completely comfortable and I was able to go home that same night. Against the Doctor’s (and Sister Elize’s) advice I was able to go back to work the next morning. I run my own company and no work means no pay…

I would highly recommend Dr East to anyone who has any complex Orthopaedic problems, he’s an amazing doctor! Sister Elize is also amazing.

Sincerely yours,
Gary J Smith
2 November 2017